1. Auctions

    The City of Huntsville currently utilizes Lone Star Auctioneer Services to dispose of City surplus through an online auction.

  2. City Maps

    Select from one of various types of maps available within the city website.

  3. Parks & Facilities

    Parks, facilities, and amenity listings, sometimes available for rent or reservation

  4. Public Library

    Serving Huntsville, Texas and the surrounding communities since 1967, Huntsville Public Library is recognized as an institution that strives to provide high-quality services for the community.

  5. Publications

  6. Recreational Events

    Check out upcoming recreational events in Huntsville.

  7. Report a Concern

    Opportunity to submit concerns, complaints, and problems directly to the organization

  8. Retire in Huntsville

  9. Safety Town

    Find out how to get your child involved with Safety Town, a child-sized town designed to provide hands-on education for children.

  10. Schools

    Peruse the schools for K-12 in the City of Huntsville.

  11. Site Tools

    Browse various website tools such as documents, images, directories, and more.

  12. Social Media

  13. Tourism Sites

    Explore the various tourism sites and attractions in the City of Huntsville.

  14. Trash & Recycling

  15. Travel & Tourism

    Explore all there is to see, do, participate in and more in the Huntsville, Texas area.

  16. Walker County Treasures

    The Walker County Treasures website houses a collection of photos from the county.