Paid Parking

MobileNOW! is available for use to pay by cellphone for paid on-street parking in Huntsville Texas.

Benefits of Pay by Cell Parking
*  Simple and user friendly
*  No need to worry about coin availability
*  You will receive a text message warning reminder when parking is about to expire
*  Manage parking session remotely within maximum allowable time limit 
*  View your parking transactions on line
How Pay by Cell Service Works

Before using the service, you need to register online and supply a credit/debit card number for all transactions.  A $0.25 convenience fee will apply to each session on top of the regular parking fee of $1.25 per hour.

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Don't know or forgot your phone PIN?

If you want to log in with your phone number but have forgotten your PIN: you can always order a new PIN by sending the text message PARK PIN to (202) 817-2140 or by calling (212) 796-5624 with your cell phone. This will reset your PIN and send the new one to you via text message.

Cannot log in: account blocked

After too many failed login attempts, your account will be blocked. To unlock your account, you can either send PARK PINcommand to (202) 817-2140 using one of the phones that has admin privileges to your account. Alternatively, you can contact our Helpdesk to reset your account.

Once registered and funded, simply.......

Park by smartphone app
1.  Download the FREE MobileNow app from your phone's app store.
2.  Open the downloaded app
3.  Enter the space number and location (City of Huntsville, Texas)
4.  Select the amount of time you wish to park
5.  Click on "Park Now" to begin parking session

Not a "smart phone" user -- Park by calling
1.  Park in any space within the paid parking area
2.  Call (936) 666-2296
3.  Follow the voice prompts to pay by phone.

Received citation?

If you believe that the citation was issued in error, please contact the Huntsville Police Department at (936) 291-5480