Planning Process

The Arts Commission reaffirmed its ongoing commitment to ensuring that Huntsville's public remain involved in and informed about the Wynne Home project throughout the conversion process. Implementation responsibilities will be carried out by community-based teams, appointed by and accountable to the Commission. Developing useful guidance for the Teams was identified as a high priority. 
  1. Planning to Plan
  2. Community Effort
  3. Follow Up
Planning Meeting
The Commission met in a work session with City staff on March 30, 2000. At that time, it was decided to conduct a 1-day planning meeting of community leaders on June 10. Expected outcomes for the meeting included:
  • Reach consensus on Cultural Arts Center target audience(s), core values, mission and vision.
  • Develop clear guidance in the areas of Programs, Physical Structure, Finance, Management and Marketing for community-based Wynne Home Implementation Teams.
  • Define individual and / or collective post-meeting responsibilities.
  • Further strengthen participant commitment to and support for the conversion of Wynne Home into a Cultural Arts Center.
Planning Group
The Commission identified 69 potential participants who collectively represented a reasonable cross section of relevant skills, disciplines, perspectives and stakeholder groups. On April 26, they were invited by letter to express their interest in contributing to the Wynne Home strategic planning discussion.

A total of 57 replies (83% response rate) were received. All persons who indicated both willingness and availability, 29, were appointed to the planning group. Appointment letters were mailed on May 12. As needed, alternates were identified for individuals who, due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, were unable to attend the meeting.

A package of background information and pre-meeting worksheets was sent to each appointee on May 30 to support individual preparation. Also, several persons toured the Wynne Home prior to the meeting.