Strategic Direction

Core Values
The following core values - principles or standards that guide our collective and individual behaviors and decisions - are considered the most deeply held for the Wynne Home Arts Center:
  • Accountability - Business is conducted in a responsible, reliable manner and supported by open, two-way communications.
  • Community - We honor and strengthen our community by using collaborative, cooperative approaches that foster a shared sense of teamwork, partnership and belonging.
  • Creativity - We value and seek to nurture the creative spirit in each of us. We appreciate innovation, both in artistic endeavors and management.
  • Diversity - We use a variety of means to reach and be relevant in the lives of our diverse and dispersed audiences.
  • Integrity - At all times, our business practices and personal behaviors are ethical, honest, and above reproach. We earn the community's trust and respect every day.
  • Vision - We share a vision of our future and will align our thinking, systems and resources to make our dreams come true.
Mission Statement Guidelines
A mission statement is a single sentence that clearly and briefly conveys an organization's purpose, its reason for being. It customarily reflects the primary service and target audience. It does not usually include references to how the mission will be accomplished or why mission achievement is important.  A mission statement should be timeless, compelling, concise, and easy to remember. It should be cited accurately, consistently and often. It is the lens through which strategic and operational alternatives are analyzed.

Our Mission
The mission of the Wynne Home Arts Center is to promote and share the arts and our community heritage.

Vision Statement Guidelines
A vision statement provides a picture in words of the organization's mission fulfilled. It usually answers the question "What will the world look like when we achieve our mission?" A vision is a highly optimistic but credible shared dream of what is possible. It should inspire, motivate and challenge the organization to exceed its grasp.

Our Vision
The Wynne Home Arts Center envisions a world in which every person in our community is enriched and transformed by experiencing the arts in a setting that celebrates our collective heritage.