Beginning Construction


The City of Huntsville received grants from 5 foundations to assist with the conversion of the Wynne Home into the Wynne Home Arts Center for the broad use of the community.

The Powell Foundation in Houston awarded a grant of $30,000 to the Huntsville Arts Commission, City of Huntsville toward the project; the Houston Endowment, Inc. awarded a grant of $100,000; and the Trull Foundation gave $5,000 for construction costs. Grants from the Dan Leasure Foundation of $25,000 and from The Meadows Foundation for $55,000 completed the grant funding.

Local fundraising efforts brought more than $250,000 in gifts and donations and the Huntsville Arts Commission reserved $30,000 for this transformation of the Wynne mansion and grounds into a community cultural arts center.

With these generous grants and gifts and with City support of $300,000 paid from hotel-motel tax revenues, the City began construction of the arts center where programs improve our lives here in Huntsville and beyond.  The final Meadows grant and local matching funds completed funding for the adaptive re-use construction and equipping the house as an arts center.

Thank You

The City appreciates the generous gifts and grants that have been given for the benefit of the community as well as the efforts of the Huntsville Arts Commission and advisory members and volunteers who have contributed in so many ways to fund raising and to grant applications with planning, letters, documents, research, photographs, and general assistance.

A special thank-you goes to The Center for Community Support at Texas A&M, to Mr. Darrow Zeidenstein of Martz and Lundy, and to Volunteer Beth Miles who have given special help in this process of seeking funding assistance for the Wynne Home Arts Center Project.

1st Phase

After delays, the modifications to the Wynne Home to create a community arts center began. The first phase was the abatement of lead-based paint by Watson Consolidated. 

Following  Phases

The complete re-construction was accomplished, and the house opened in September, 2006.  Landscaping of the grounds continues.  The volunteer Landscape Team, the Beautification Committee and the Huntsville Garden Club and Landscape Pride contributed.  Texas Thyme Unit continues projects for the caretaking and expansion of herbal gardens on the site.


Gifts, donations, and volunteer service are needed and welcomed. Please contact the Cultural Services Office at Wynne Home Arts Center during regular office hours at 936-291-5424, or by email for additional information, or send contributions to:
The Wynne Home Arts Center
1428 Eleventh Street
Huntsville, TX 77340