Establishment History

  • September 26, 1978, by the Huntsville City Council
  • 3 members and 8 advisory members
  • To determine the annual budget for the arts (subject to the approval of the City Council)
  • To hear ideas for programming in the arts
  • To provide leadership to private organizations in the community for the promotion of the arts in Huntsville.
Goals & Objectives
  • To support, encourage, and nourish an environment for the growth of the broad range of the cultural arts and related humanities in Huntsville, with the aim of integrating such items and activities into the total life of this community.
  • To make recommendations for the responsible and orderly appropriation and distribution of funds for the support of such items and activities, whether they are to be carried out by individuals or by organizations.
  • To accept contributions, grants, gifts, and transfers from the private and/or public sectors to support such items and activities.
  • To seek the commitment and cooperation of business, educational institutions, and other organizations and individuals in the areas of funding, facilities, program coordination, and media support.
  • 3 times quarterly
  • 1st member serves 1 year
  • 2nd member serves 2 years
  • 3rd member serves 3 years
Therefore, 1 member rotates off the commission each year. Subsequent members will serve 3 year terms. Advisory members: 4 will serve 1 year terms, and 4 will serve 2 year terms, with subsequent members serving 2 year terms.

  • Revenue Sharing Funds, initially
  • Hotel/Motel Tax
Commission Members
  • LuEllen Gibbs
  • Ralph Lawson
  • Charles Schmidt
Advisory Members
  • Tim Franer
  • Frankie Grover
  • Virginia Irvin
  • Melvin Mason
  • James Miller
  • Jane Phillips
  • Harley Rex
  • Nancy Terry
Effective July 16, 1979, all Commissioners are to serve 3 year terms and all Advisory Board Members are to serve 2 year terms.