Resolution to Establish

Resolution No. 78-19
Whereas, there has been a yearly expansion of programs in the arts by the City of Huntsville, there is a need for citizen input in the planning of a continuing series of cultural events and experiences which will further enhance the quality of living in our community.
Whereas, the interests of each of the various arts activities may be better served by a single umbrella agency made up of interested individuals drawn from the wealth of local professional artists.
Now, therefore, be it resolved that the City Council of the City of Huntsville hereby creates the Huntsville Arts Commission which shall be composed of 3 members, appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council for the purpose of hearing ideas for programming in the arts; for determining the annual budget for the arts subject to approval of the City Council; and for providing leadership to private organizations in the community for the promotion of the arts in Huntsville.
Therefore, be it further resolved that there be appointed an additional 8 advisory members to the commission, whose responsibility it will be to submit ideas to the 3 member commission for consideration; that the commission and advisory members shall serve for a 2 year period with overlapping terms. That 1 member of the commission shall serve as Chairperson at each of the quarterly meetings of the commission on a rotating basis, and that the City's Program Coordinator shall be Staff Adviser and Ex-Officio member of the commission for the purpose of communicating the commission's recommendations and annual budget requests through the City Administration to the City Council.
Whereupon, said Resolution was duly made, seconded, and passed by unanimous vote of the City Council of Huntsville, Texas on the 26th day of September, 1978, and to certify which the Mayor of said City has hereto set his hand and caused the seal of the City to be hereto affixed.

The City of Huntsville, Texas
By: Morris I. Waller, Mayor
Attest: City Secretary