The City of Huntsville is a community that is beautiful, historic, culturally diverse, affordable, safe, and well-planned, with great opportunity for our citizens.

In order to maintain and enhance the quality of life and the achievement of our vision, the City of Huntsville provides, facilitates and regulates services, facilities and infrastructure for citizens, customers, visitors, businesses and state agencies, in a friendly, efficient, fair, honest and competent manner with quality and forethought.

Values Statement
Public service is our business and our goal. We believe in commitment - not just to our job, but to our faith, our beliefs, and our family. Our pride in our work and the organization compels us to a high degree of professionalism.
  • Honesty in all our actions;
  • United in our commitment to ensure a safe work environment, fair wages and benefits, and opportunities for advancement;
  • Nurture an environment of cooperation between the City and its citizens,
  • Teamwork depending on one another to improve the quality of life;
  • Service excellence provided at every level in an efficient and economical manner;
  • Vision of an enriched future enhanced by encouraging skills, talents, and potential of our employees through training, opportunity, and recognition;
  • Integrity demonstrated in the treatment of our coworkers and those we serve and protect;
  • Leadership through communication in a responsive manner while maintaining a high degree of professionalism;
  • Loyalty to our faith, our beliefs and our families;
  • Embrace the diversity of our employees as a strength of our organization