Prime Location

Huntsville is an excellent place to do business. We are located right between two metropolitan areas that are still growing every day - Houston and the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We are in a prime location for access to lumber, steel and fabricated materials. We have the option to quickly obtain advanced materials - polymers, composites and other chemicals - from distributors in Houston. Our transportation options are plenty with close proximity to I-45 and the rail network.

New Buyers & New Employees

With highly educated students coming out of SHSU every semester, there are plenty of qualified skilled workers to employ in a new or growing business. If you choose to build here, there will always be new buyers and new employees to propel your business to success.

Tangible Incentives

The City of Huntsville also offers several tangible incentives for those who choose to do business here.

The tax abatement policy can help you experience tax relief by opening a business in Huntsville. The 380 Agreement is an incentive that typically takes the form of property tax abatement's, loans or grants, commitments for infrastructure, or payments of portions of the sales tax generated by the project. The Freeport Exemption is a property tax deduction. The Enterprise Zone is an incentive designed to promote job creation in areas that are under economic distress. You can learn more about the Texas Capital Fund here. Since we are located in a Foreign Trade Zone, doing business in Huntsville can lead to tax benefits on products that are considered "out of the country." Lastly, we lie outside of the Non-Attainment Zone. This means that there are no standards to meet to be in compliance with the Clean Air Act.

Incentives Huntsville / Walker County

Tax Abatement
  • City of Huntsville
    • Estimated .40/$100 valuation
    • Up to 10 years
Infrastructure Extensions
  • Assistance with water/sewer/roads to the proposed site
  • Other utilities (electric, gas, cable) may participate in extensions
Triple Freeport Exemption
  • Local property tax exemption
  • Goods in the state 175 days or less to be transported
Foreign Trade Zone
  • Allow imported merchandise processing duty free
  • Duty free storage, assembly or manufacture of goods
NAFTA Impact Zone
  • Building and permit fee wavier
  • Municipal sales tax waiver

Incentives Workforce Development

Hiring and Recruiting assistance
  • Coordination with the TWC Huntsville Office
Skill Development Fund
  • Financing for customized job training
  • Up to $500,000 in partnership with local community or technical college
  • Skills Development Fund
Texas Workforce Commission

Incentives State of Texas

Texas Enterprise Fund
  • Cash award
  • Must create 50+ jobs
  • Average wage must be above county average
  • Must have competition from another state
  • Awards range from $300k to $2 million +
  • Incentives
Emerging Technology Program Commercialization Awards
  • Investments in private technology based activities
  • Collaborate
Matching Awards
Texas Enterprise Zone
  • State sales and use tax refund
  • $2,500 per job created - $1.25 million maximum
  • Must meet economically disadvantaged hiring requirements
Manufacturing Tax Exemption
  • Texas Capital Fund Infrastructure Development
  • City may apply for up to $1.5 million for infrastructure