Property Taxes

Property taxes are collected by the Walker County Appraisal District. Sales Tax is collected by the State of Texas Comptroller’s Office, and is imposed on all retail sales, leases and rentals of most goods. To obtain more information, please visit the State of Texas website or the Walker County Appraisal District.

EntityCode M&OI&S Total 
Walker County WC 0.42550.02350.4490
Walker County Hospital District WH 0.1027190.0000.102719
City of Huntsville HC 0.23850.05410.2926
Huntsville Independent School DistrictHI 0.89750.14501.0425
City of Riverside RC 0.09990.00000.0999
City of New Waverly NC 0.00000.00000.0000
New Waverly Independent School DistrictNI 0.94290.19001.13290
Walker County ESD #1 FA0.06000.00000.0600
Walker County ESD #2 FB0.10000.00000.1000
Walker County ESD #3FC0.0934890.00000.093489
Richards Independent School DistrictRI 0.86460.17381.0384
Trinity Independent School DistrictTI 0.93630.18171.1180

Sales Tax

Entity Tax Rate
State 6.25%
City of Huntsville 1.5%
Walker County .5%
Total 8.25%