• Electricity services for the City of Huntsville are provided by Entergy and Mid-South Synergy. 

Entergy is an integratENT_LOGO_H_RB_4Ced energy company engaged primarily in electric power production and retail distribution operations. Entergy is an asset to the City of Huntsville by providing abundant electrical power to the city's citizens, industries, and businesses. For more information visit https://www.entergy.com/ or call (800) 368-3749.

Mid-South Synergdownloady is an electric co-op committed to serving high quality service to homes and businesses in the community. For more information about their services visit https://midsouthelectric.com/ or call (936) 825-5100

Natural Gas

centerpoint_energy_logoCenterPoint Energy is the provider of natural gas services to the City of Huntsville. CenterPoint Energy's Transportation Services offer qualifying end-use commercial and industrial customers a choice in their natural gas supply. By providing access to competitive gas suppliers, CenterPoint Energy enables customers to maximize the value of their natural gas consumption. For more information call (800) 259-5544 or visit https://www.centerpointenergy.com/en-us.

Water, Wastewater, and Solid Waste

City Logo.jpgThe City of Huntsville provides services for water, waste water, and solid waste. Completion of proposition 3 of the City's bond project, has resulted in the creation of a new pump station, elevated storage tank, and reparation and extension of the City's waterlines. For more information on services provided by the City, visit Huntsville's utility billing page or call  (936) 291-5431.