Can I sale or transfer my lot?

                  (a)    The sale or transfer of any interment right by any owner will not be binding upon the city unless the sale has been approved in writing by a duly authorized representative of the city.                                This procedure is required in order that the city may at all times have a complete and accurate record of all owners.


The city may, at its option, accept exchanges of interment rights when desired by owners, subject to prior written approval of an authorized representative of the city. When such an exchange is made, the original document conveying interment rights must be surrendered to the city, along with any other documentation which the city may require.


Prior to permitting any interment, the city will require written approval duly executed by a representative of the owner, along with an affidavit of ownership or heirship of the interment rights. This authorization will be shown on forms approved by the city.

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