Police Training

Training Opportunities

The Police Training Coordinator is responsible for acquiring and managing necessary training for police officers and recruits, including basic academy training, Texas Commission on Law Enforcement  (TCOLE) Mandated training, and in-service training.


All officers in the Huntsville Police Department are required to show firearms proficiency regularly with their duty pistol, shotgun and patrol rifle. Huntsville Officers are required to qualify with a score of at least 70% with duty pistols, 80% with the shotgun and 90% with the patrol rifle.
Due to the serious nature of this type of training, the Huntsville Police Department exceeds all TOLE standards governing firearms proficiency. The department has officers who are specially trained and voluntarily serve as firearms instructors.

Range Facilities

The range was named after one of the department's former officers who was instrumental in establishing the range facilities. The L.D. McDugle Range is located off of Kevin Williams Memorial Drive, in Huntsville, Texas.


If you have any questions regarding this service, please call 936-291-5480 or contact Sergeant Roy Moore.