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Any adult that is a Texas resident and over the age of 18 is eligible for a card. Children between the ages of 3 and 18 may be issued a card, but must have a parent or guardian sign for them. The child must be present when the card is issued.

Documents to Bring
There must be 2 forms of documentation:
  • Photo ID (driver's license, school ID, etc.)
  • Something dated within the past 30 days with your name and current address (utility bill, auto insurance card, voter's registration, etc.)
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Renew Materials Online

  1. Go to the online catalog on the library website
  2. Click on "My Account" at the top of the page
  3. Type in your library card number as the Username and your PIN as the password. If you have not established your personal PIN, enter 1234. (We suggest you change your PIN to a number you will remember. Please see below for instructions on how to do this)
  4. Click Log In
  5. Click on the Checkouts tab, select the items you want to renew, and press Renew near the bottom of the page

Renew Materials By Phone

  1. Call the Library at 936-291-5472
  2. Ask the staff member to renew your materials
  3. After hours, leave a voice mail with your name and phone number. Be sure to spell out your name.Your materials will be renewed for you
Items may be renewed 2 times online. An item may not be renewed, either online or by phone, if there is a hold on it.

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PIN Purpose
Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) allows you to access your account to place holds and renew items, among other activities. The purpose of a PIN is to ensure that your library account is secure.   
Change Your PIN
Login to the online catalog with your account number, found on the barcode on the back of your Library Card. Put your current PIN in the box marked PIN (the default is 1234). Select the button marked Login to the online catalog. Once you have logged in select My Account. On the Personal Information tab, select Change PIN.

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Changing your address is easy. When you move or your address changes, it is important to make the change to your library account in order to keep the same level of service.
How to Change Your Address
Login to the online catalog with your account number, found on the barcode on the back of your library card. Enter your PIN. (Use the default 1234 if you have not set up your personal PIN.) Select the button marked Login. Then select Change my Address and follow the instructions on the screen.

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Place a Hold

Materials may be put on hold for pick-up at another time. Holds may also be made for titles soon to be released, but the title must already be in the catalog before an online hold can be placed. Place a hold by going to the online catalog and logging in to your account. Locate the title, select on the details tab, and, using the box to the left of the title, select place hold.
Once a hold is ready for you to pick up, you will be contacted by phone or email. You will have 3 working days in which to pick up the item. If it has not been picked up in 3 days, your name will be removed from the list and the next person will be called.

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In Person
At the Circulation Desk, ask for an acquisition form. Complete the form and return to the staff. Please use 1 form per item. A request does not guarantee the item will be purchased, but you will be notified if the item is purchased and placed in our collection.
You can email the City Librarian, or other staff found in the Staff Directory.

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The purpose of this policy is to provide consistent, unbiased service to all Library customers, to accommodate the needs of all customers whenever possible, and to provide guidance for Library staff. To view the policy, visit the Public Library Policies and Procedures Manual (PDF), Page 13.

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Key Ring

The KeyRing is an application that allows you to enter your Patron ID number and photo of your library card. This helpful app keeps you from having to keep track of the actual library card - it can live at the bottom of your wallet and not take up valuable key ring space.