Story of Wynne Home

The Gift
Samuella W. Palmer, herself, and as Trustee for the Ruth W. Hollinshead Trust, granted historic Wynne Home, located at 1428 Eleventh Street, to the City of Huntsville on December 30, 1998.

Mrs. Palmer instructed that the Home be used as a cultural activities center, including the encouragement, promotion, improvement and application of the arts, and for historic preservation projects or activities. Also, the City was given permission to use the property for meetings of civic organizations, receptions, banquets, recitals and similar activities and administrative offices for care and maintenance of the facility.
Preparation for Use
In preparation for modifying the Wynne Home for long-term community use, the City contracted for and received an architectural audit by TAO Limited Architectural Services. City representatives visited the Dallas-based Meadows Foundation to obtain technical and project management insights.

Association Works, a Dallas-based management consulting firm, was engaged to solicit public comments, to evaluate the 16 submissions according to criteria specifically developed for the project, and to recommend how Wynne Home might best be used to the broad benefit of the people of Huntsville.
Selected Purpose
Consistent with donor wishes, expressed public sentiment and consultant recommendations, it was decided that historic Wynne Home will be converted into a Cultural Arts Center with the following purposes:
  1. Primary programs include a year-round, permanent art museum and art gallery, flexible space for rotating exhibits and an outreach program for special target groups. Ancillary services might include a crafts facility, arts and crafts classrooms for adults and / or children, and a gift shop.
  2. Secondary functions include meeting space for local community groups and administrative offices for program management staff (with the proviso that any secondary use of the Cultural Arts Center support and enhance its primary goals and operations).
Assignment of Planning Responsibility
In January 2000, Huntsville City Council charged the Huntsvlle Arts Commission to build a shared community vision, clear consensus among key stakeholders, and a plan for transforming the Wynne Home into a Cultural Arts Center. Association Works was engaged to partner with the Arts Commission in determining how best to accomplish this task.