Finding the Right College

Now that you have decided to go to college, how are you going to afford it? Here are some great ways to get money for your college experience. Start with finding free money first.  Grants and scholarships allow for you to receive financial assistance without taking out loans and paying back the government.  Here are some helpful websites that will help you pay for your education.

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Finding the Right College!

The College Board  Planning for college - What to do in high school, taking the tests and dates, (online registration for SAT), finding the right college, and getting into college.

Peterson's College Search  Search different types of colleges and learn about how to pick the right college for you.

Learning Express
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Learning Express offers an extensive collection of practice tests, exercises, skill-building courses, and other information in a variety of academic and career-related fields. 

Practice for the SAT or ACT, prepare for the corrections officer exam and other career-related exams, practice for the GED or GRA, prepare for the US Citizenship test, or choose from a multitude of other courses.

Skill-building exercises are also available for children in elementary - high school. Each test offers full explanations and analysis of your  scores. Your login for Learning Express is your library card number.