Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Section handles most major criminal investigations. The section consists of 6 detectives and 1 sergeant. The investigations section is divided into teams who handle crimes against persons and crimes against property.

Financial Crimes

Financial Crimes include forgery and credit card abuse. A key component to financial crimes can be Identity Theft. To learn more about ID Theft please visit The Federal Trade Commission online. At anytime you feel uncertain about the activity in your checking account or credit card account please contact your credit card company or financial institution.

Motor Vehicle Crimes

Motor Vehicle Crimes include theft, burglary or criminal mischief of motor vehicles. Texas Department of Public Safety sponsors the Help End Auto Theft (H.E.A.T.) Program. This is a program which your vehicle can be registered and authorizes law enforcement officers to stop the vehicle and verify ownership between 1 - 5 a.m. anywhere in the State of Texas. To learn more about this program visit the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles online. Huntsville Police Department can help you with the online application or explain this program in greater detail.


Burglary Crimes include commercial and residential burglaries. If you know a tip that would help solve a case but wish to remain anonymous please call Walker County Crime stoppers at 294-9494. Many times the criminal will try to pawn the stolen items at the local pawn shops. Pawn shops are regulated by the State of Texas.

Theft / Criminal Mischief

Theft and Criminal Mischief crimes include all thefts or damage to property other than motor vehicles, gas drive off investigations and general criminal activity.

Crimes Against Persons

Crimes Against Persons include assaults, harassment and disorderly conduct. We work closely with SAAFE House (Sexual Assault and Abuse Free Environment), a safe haven for the victims of sexual and physical abuse located in Walker County, Huntsville, TX. Their hotline number is 936-291-3369 or 936-291-3529.

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault crimes include sexual offenses against children and adults, including the elderly.


To reach the Sergeant over Criminal Investigations please email Sergeant John Thompson or phone 936-291-5427.