Development Services

Our Purpose
The Development Services Department consists of the Planning, Building Inspections and Permitting, Code Enforcement, Health Inspections, and Support Services.

The department is responsible for protecting the health, safety, and quality of life of the citizens of Huntsville through regulation of land and building development and through enforcement of property maintenance and quality of life related codes. The department seeks to facilitate an efficient and effective development process that supports economic development. These processes include granting authority to develop land, construct, and occupy buildings. More specifically, the department is responsible for rights determination, subdivision mapping/parcel addressing, zoning and subdivision administration, building code enforcement, contractor licensing and registration, landscaping and sign regulation.

In addition to facilitating land and building development, the department manages programs to help ensure minimum quality of life standards such as maintenance of property and dangerous structures.

The Department also provides administrative and technical support to boards and commissions that direct and review issues on land development, construction regulations, and property maintenance. These boards include the Board of Adjustments and Appeals, Planning Commission and Board of Adjustments.