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Monetary Donations

Monetary contributions to the Huntsville Public Library are appreciated. The donor may specify that the contribution be used for the Collection Development, the Helen Wheat Cultural Enrichment Fund, or any other area where funding would be beneficial to the Library. Individuals may also establish an endowment to the Huntsville Public Library.

Any monetary donation may be used as a tax exemption. In addition, the Library welcomes matching donations from businesses and corporations.

Book Donations

The Huntsville Public Library regularly accepts donations of books from individuals. In accordance with our policy, books donated to the Library may be added to the collection or placed for sale with the proceeds going to the Library's donation fund. The Library especially needs donations of old Huntsville ISD and Sam Houston State University yearbooks.
Contributions of non-traditional items are welcome. To discuss a possible contribution of this nature, please call Rachel McPhail at 936-291-5470.


Memorials or honorariums are special ways of honoring or keeping alive the memory of a loved one or friend. Monetary donations for the purchase of books are accepted as memorials. A notification will be mailed to the honoree or family of the deceased and the book will contain a bookplate to designate the memorial.

If you would like to make a memorial or honorarium donation, please call Ashley Newsome at 936-291-5481 or drop by the library.


MicroMarketing, one of the companies from which the Library purchases materials, offers a special way to give back to public libraries. Each time you purchase a book, CD, or DVD from MicroMarketing, you will be given a discount in the form of a tax deduction. In return, MicroMarketing will give the public library of your choice that amount for purchasing materials for the library.  

Amazon Smile

It's free and an easy way to donate to the Library! Join Amazon's Smile Program and 1% of all of your Amazon purchases go towards the Friends of the Huntsville Public Library. Simply select the Friends of the Huntsville Public Library as your organization of choice. 
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