Waste Water


The purpose of the Waste Water Services Division is to provide waste water collection infrastructure and treatment capacity for the utility customers of Huntsville and the State of Texas. This is so they can have a clean and healthy waterway for domestic and recreational uses.


Waste Water Services is responsible for the collection and treatment of the waste water generated in Huntsville. The activities of this division are conducted within the guidelines of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and local ordinances.

The Waste Water Collection Division is responsible for maintaining the collection system infrastructure including the gravity sewer lines, manholes, and lift stations. The waste water collected by the sewer system flows to and is treated at one of Huntsville's 3 waste water treatment plants: AJ Brown Plant, N.B. Davidson Plant, and Robinson Creek Plant.

The Waste Water Services Treatment staff is responsible for the operation and maintenance of each treatment facility. The City's waste water treatment facilities play an integral role in the protection of our vital surface water resource by working to deliver quality effluent back to the environment.


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                                                Wastewater Superintendent 
                                                Stacy Lawler
                                                      448 State Hwy 75 North
                                                       Huntsville, TX 77320
                                                         Phone: 936-294-5763
                                                         For all service calls or                                                                                 emergencies during business
                                                         hours or after hours please call                                                                 936-294-5700.