Preliminary Hearings

Every defendant may reset their first Preliminary Hearing setting one time for any reason; however, the reset must be accomplished before the day of court.  No resets are allowed on the day of court.  You must sign for your new court date, so you must either come to the court in person, be at a fax machine where you can receive, complete, and return your reset notice, or be able to receive a document via your email addess and sign it digitally. 

Pre-Trial Hearings
Pre-Trial Hearings cannot be reset unless in the event of an emergency situation beyond the defendant's control.  Documentation of the situation must be submitted to the Judge no later than the day before the scheduled hearing for his review and determination as to whether or not a reset is in order. 



You must File a Motion for Continuance and submit it to the Judge at least 24 hours before the day before your trial date. Your request must include a phone number that you can be reached at so that the court can advise you of the Judge's decision. The Judge will make the decision whether or not to grant the continuance.