Municipal Court Warrants

For Class C Misdemeanor offenses, the initial punishment assessed is fine only because Class C misdemeanors are fine only offenses. However, a municipal court may issue 2 types of arrest warrants which are servable anywhere in the state of Texas by a peace officer.

Warrant of Arrest

This type of warrant is issued by the court when an individual does not appear in Court on or before his or her appearance date that is on the citation or summons. When you were issued the citation, you signed the bottom of it, promising to appear in court on or before a certain date and time, usually 30 calendar days after the date of the citation. In addition to the original charge, a charge of failing to appear is also filed against you. A Warrant of Arrest is then issued on both the original charge and the failure to appear charge.

If you are arrested on this type of warrant, your options are:
  • Post a cash bond and be given a court date. The cash bond must be for the total amount due on the charge(s) against you.
  • Pay the total amount due and close out the case(s) against you. Remember that this will result in a conviction against you.
  • Contact a local (Huntsville area) bail bond company and they can post a Surety Bond for you.
  • Retain a local attorney and they can post an Attorney Bond for you.
  • Turn yourself in to the Walker County Jail.

Capias Pro Fine Warrant

The Capias Pro Fine warrant is issued by the court when an individual fails to satisfy a judgment according to its terms. For example, if you were on a payment plan and you failed to make a payment when due, then a Capias Pro Fine warrant can be issued for your arrest.

If you are arrested on a Capias Pro Fine warrant, you do not have the option to post a bond. Your options are to either pay the amount due in full by cash, cashier's check, money order or credit card or turn yourself in to the Walker County Jail and be arraigned by the Judge within 24 hours.

City Marshal

The City Marshal is a Huntsville Police Officer, assigned to the Municipal Court, and tasked with locating wanted individuals and bringing them before the Court, along with other duties. The Marshal routinely makes visits to the homes and work sites of wanted individuals. The Marshal also conducts periodic warrant round-ups.

The Huntsville Municipal Court holds active warrant(s) for the individuals listed on the linked page below. This list is current at the time of posting. All warrants must be verified before any individual will be apprehended. The apprehension must be made by a law enforcement officer once confirmation of the warrant is made.

The active warrant list is updated periodically. If you see your name on this list and feel that it is in error, please contact the Huntsville Municipal Court at 936-291-5476.

If your name appears on this list please follow the guidelines / options below.



Make payments online using your credit card.


Credit and debit card payments are also accepted by phone during the court’s normal business hours of Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. To pay by phone, contact the Huntsville Municipal Court at 936-291-5476.

In Person

Go to your local law enforcement agency or detention facility (Jail) and advise them you have an outstanding warrant with the Huntsville Municipal Court. All warrants will be verified before any action can be taken.

Note: It may be possible to post bond in order to receive a court date. For more information, contact the court at 936-291-5476, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Active Warrants

View a list of all active Huntsville Municipal Court warrants (PDF).

Note: Do not attempt to apprehend any of the individuals listed.