Deferred Disposition

Deferred Disposition is a 90-day, unsupervised, probationary period.  While the deferral period can be extended by the Judge, it cannot exceed 180 days.  When Deferred Disposition is granted, there are certain requirements imposed on the Defendant.  At the end of the deferral/probationary period, if you have met all of the requirements of your Order of Deferred Disposition, the case will dismiss and will not report as a conviction on your driving record.  

Many traffic violations can be set up for Deferred at our service windows, without having to set a court date to see the Judge

First, your eligibility for this option must be determined.   
  • You must be 17 years of age or older and possess a valid US drivers license that is not currently a commercial driver's license (CDL) nor was it a CDL at the time of the offense.
Next, the violation must be eligible.  Once the Defendant is determined to be eligible, then Deferred may be granted for the following eligible violations:
  • a moving violation involving the operation of a motor vehicle, defined by the Texas Transportation Code, Title 7, Subtitle C: "Rules of the Road", with the following exceptions:
  • The violation cannot be:
    • any violation committed in a construction/work zone with workers present;
    • Failure to Stop for School Bus (or remain stopped);
    • Failure to Stop/Give Info/Render Aid (leaving the scene of an accident);
    • Speeding, when the alleged speed is 25 or more miles per hour over the posted speed limit, or the alleged speed is 95 or more miles per hour regardless of the posted speed limit.
Once it is determined that you are eligible to request Deferred Disposition, then we require the following:
  • You must submit a Request for Deferred Disposition Form, which is signed and dated by you.
  • You must make payment of the court costs/fees, typically $134.00 or $159.00 (if in a school zone), (call the court to verify this amount).  We accept all forms of payment except personal checks.  Please note that credit and debit cards are assessed a transaction fee of 2.5%. 
  • If you are unable to pay, you can schedule a court date to discuss your financial situation with the Judge.  He may grant community service in lieu of payment in order to satisfy the fine and fees due.
  • The fine amount, which can range from $1.00 - $200.00, will be due by the end of the 90-day deferral period and can be paid over the phone, in person or by mail.
If you are under 25 years of age, and placed on Deferred Disposition, you are required by law to complete a Driving Safety Course (defensive driving).  The "Court Copy" certificate of completion will be due by the end of the deferral period. 

Deferred Disposition can also be granted on other traffic and non-traffic violations, but you must schedule a court date to make your request directly to the Judge. 

If you have questions regarding Deferred Disposition or any of the other options available, contact the court office at (936) 291-5476, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.