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BOB Books:

Check out a BOB Books set and begin your child’s journey to reading books independently!

What are BOB Books?BOB Books

BOB Books is a true first reader series. It is designed to help your child learn to read in simple ways. Each BOB Books set is packaged with 12 books. The clean layout, short words, and simple phonics make learning to read a fun and natural step for children who know the alphabet. BOB Books are used by many to teach reading, even to the young child.

How Does it Work?

BOB Books are designed to give young children the tools to cross over from learning letters to reading words. The award-winning beginning reader book sets start slowly and progress from books with three letter words to books with more than one sentence per page. Because the books meet children at the right level, parents are often amazed at how quickly their child is able to sound out words when reading their first BOB Books.

Fairy Tales STEAM Kit:Fairy Tales STEAM Kit

Fairy Tales STEAM Kit combines classic stories with hands-on STEM and literacy activities that children are sure to love. As children read the stories, animate the puppets, answer questions and complete each STEM challenge, they’ll build critical language and literacy skills, boost creative expression, master early engineering concepts and much more! The integration of  multiple subject areas-including STEM, literacy, creative expression and social-emotional development-are in one action-packed lesson.

Additional STEAM Kits:Kindergarten Kit

In our children’s room, we currently have a Literacy MATH Kit 1 & 2, Literacy Science Kit, Literacy Robotics Kit, and a Kindergarten Readiness Kit. Each of these kits encourage and inspire kids to explore their environments in ways that are new and exciting. Watch your child’s (or children’s) interests grow as these kits make for a great bonding experience between parents and their children.